The men’s gallery: outdoor advertisements and public space: Gender, fear and feminisim

23 05 2010

Since gender segregation and mixing between the sexes is a controversial issue regarding public space. Many scholars have paid special attention to this issue. One of the effective articles about gender and public space is “The men’s gallery: Outdoor advertising and public space: Gender, fear, and feminism” by Lauren rosewarne which traces the reasons behind harassements in publilc space. This articles discusses how varius adverisements the portray women as sex objects have contributed in restricting women’s freedom in public space. This is because when certain advertisements, such as showing a women lying on a sofa, or a woman advertising for lingerie are displayed in public , many people would think of women as the ones displayed in the advertisements and thus the rate of sexual harassments increase, and from there another stereotype is formed as people regard women in public spaces as being morally and sexually loose. However, such acts are argued to be legal and cannot be stopped as this is a way of expressing themselves, and thus cannot be restricted.




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